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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Dukan Diet

Seems like there are as many diet plans as there are good looking TV doctors, doesn't it?  While its hard to keep with all the methods available to lose weight, some make their way into our lives because of a particular celebrity, talk show or media event.
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I first heard of the Dukan Diet during the coverage of the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Apparently, the Duchess decided her already gorgeous tall frame should be a tad bit more svelte before she walked down the aisle to her prince. Her actual weight loss was not shared, but it was apparent that Kate was in tip-top shape for this regal event.

Dr. Oz covered the Dukan Diet on his TV program where we learned the basics about this weight loss plan. There are four phases:
1. The Attack Phase - Mostly protein, virtually no carbs
2. The Cruise Phase - Phase 1 food plus non-starchy vegetables
3. The Consolidation Phase - Adding back carbs, "celebration" meals and one day protein only
4. The Stabilization Phase - Application of 3 Rules to Live by for life.

Look familiar? I didn't really pay much attention to this diet when it received media coverage or even when Dr. Oz covered it.  However, now that I take a look at the basics, it is eerily similar to the Aktins diet, isn't it?  I lost a ton of weight years ago on Atkins and kept it off for years. I've been turning to the 17 Day Diet lately, but me thinks that maybe I'll give this one a go for a month and see how it compares. There are similarities to the 17 Day Diet, and some differences that I like.

Anyone tried it?

You can read more details about the Dukan Diet on The Dr. Oz Show website here.

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