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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Workouts for Beginners and Couch Potatoes

Four Simple and Fun Exercise DVDs that Will Get You Off the Sofa!

When it comes to establishing an exercise program, getting started is the hardest part. And since most people dread the idea of "exercising", ranking it right up there with a dentist appointment, it's important that
beginners start a routine that doesn't knock them out of the game after one workout.
Often, when a couch potatoe decides to start a get-in-shape program, they will tackle an advanced workout with gusto, using rusty joints and surprised muscles. The result? They can barely get out of bed the next morning and don't do it again. A better approach is to incorporate thirty minutes of exercise into their day, choosing a workout that will get their heart pumping and work their muscles, but at a level their body can handle.

The right strategy is to incorporate a daily exercise routine into an already busy schedule in such a way that it will become a habit. As their level of fitness increases, they can intensify their workouts by adding in more difficult moves or hand weights, or tackling a longer workout.

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