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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Have Sex and Lose Weight?

A Steamy Lovemaking Session Can Burn 200 Calories!
Image courtesy of Jacob Appelbaum/wikimedia commons

Everyone knows that losing weight requires eating less and exercising more. So, can sex help a woman in regard to both? The answer appears to be yes!

Almost every woman has experienced losing weight after beginning a torrid love affair, right? The reason for this involves three things: the euphoric high that a new passionate relationship creates, a busier schedule that leaves little time for eating, and the thermogenic energy of all that body heat!

More Sex, Less Food?

Often the start of a new love affair involves fitting a relationship into an already hectic schedule. Somewhere between homework and laundry, kid's soccer practice and teacher nights, a 50-hour workweek and yard work, lovers must carve time for a budding romance and steamy trysts!

Often this busier schedule diverts attention away from the refrigerator, and toward preparation for a date or cuddling on the couch with that new love interest. Attention quickly shifts from boredom-filling activities like nibbling on popcorn, with more time spent on personal hygiene, changing the sheets and shopping for that perfect outfit!'s May 2009 article, "The Easier Way to Diet" by Martha Beck, supports this sex-over-food theory. Beck says, "If you've ever fallen in love, you probably did this (lose weight) by accident. In the throes of new romance, our beastie brain is focused on bonding and mating, not food. Emotional eating? Who needs it? Staying active? No problem! 'The pounds just melted off,' people say of their falling-in-love phase."

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Pasta Alternatives for Weightloss

Whole Grain, Low Carb and Healthy Spaghetti Substitutes
Image courtesy of DoceurCosmos/wikimedia commons

What is better than a plateful of spaghetti and meatballs? How about a plateful of a healthier pasta alternative that tastes just as good, but won't run your diet in the ditch? There are lots of pasta options today that can reduce the calories and carbs in your favorite dishes. So, if you crave pasta dishes, but are trying to lose weight, read on for ideas to stay on track!

First, a Reminder About Refined Grain Products

A majority of Americans today eat a diet full of refined grains lacking much nutritional value. When dieting, cutting out the refined "white" foods from your diet is an effective way to lose weight.

The Care2 website gives healthy and green living tips. Their article, "Whole Grains Vs. Refined Grains" explains how most of the nutrients are removed when grains are milled. "Modern milling of whole cereal grains puts the kernel through a high-heat milling process that removes the germ and bran (which contain 90 percent of the nutritional content of the kernel), leaving only the endosperm (starch). The starch is then ground into different sizes for different purposes. The result is "refined" flour." They tells us that refined wheat flour is so nutritionally insufficient bugs die eating it in silos! Also, foods that contain refined grains are higher on the glycemic index than whole grains, which can play havoc with blood sugar levels.

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