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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Get in Shape Jane Fonda Style!

Okay, so the holidays are over and its time to get on the scale and assess the damage.  Up a few pounds? That's okay, but don't let a few become ten and then....well we just won't!

Make 2010 a year to incorporate more exercise and then when your eating bumps up, you can still maintain.  Here's an article that reminds us of the workout Jane Fonda introduces during the leg warmer era.  These are easy and require no equipment.  And look at Jane!  She must have known something when it comes to keeping in shape, right?
(Image courtesy of ShinyFan/wikimedia commons)

"Let's Get Physical This Winter"
by Lara McGlashan 

 It's been a quarter of a century since first lady of fitness Jane Fonda started the aerobics revolution. To celebrate, we're revisiting long-forgotten moves. Why? Because they work!

"Jane Fonda pioneered the workout movement with dancer-inspired exercises like these that create lean curves using only your body weight as resistance," notes fitness legend Molly Fox of San Mateo, Calif., who developed this sculpting regimen. "The emphasis on flexibility, posture and core strength was way ahead of its time."

These time-tested toners will downsize your abs, butt and thighs without a single piece of equipment (leg warmers optional):