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Sunday, November 8, 2009

How Many Calories in a Holiday Dinner?

Ways to Cut the Calories and Fat This Holiday Season

© Jan Peterson

No one wants to worry about the calories for that turkey feast on Thanksgiving or Christmas day, but they should!

Oh, those dinner feasts eaten every holiday season! Everyone anticipates it for weeks, the cook spends hours preparing it, and it fills bellies beyond their normal capacity. In planning the feast this year, the family cook should consider all options for lowering fat and making healthier choices. Keeping portion control in mind as eaters heap the goodies on their plates is important, and It wouldn’t hurt to work a little exercise into the day to help burn some of those holiday calories off either!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Calorie Burning Games for the Holidays

During the holidays, in addition to enjoying each other’s company,  families spend an enormous amount of time eating meals, throwing parties and exchanging goodie baskets. According to ABC News Health in its November, 2004 article “Making Thanksgiving Dinner Healthier” by Ali Mohamadi, Americans gain, on an average, seven pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day! They also provide statistics from a report by Health Management Resources, that a typical Thanksgiving meal contains 7,100 calories!

Finding active games that the whole family can enjoy during family gatherings will burn some of those staggering calories, and fight packing on those pounds. Every family should become more aware of the importance of exercise and physical activities all year round, and be sure to incorporate fun ways to exercise during their holiday events.

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