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Friday, September 11, 2009

How to Stay Slim After Losing Weight

At Your "Power Point" - Ask the Hard Questions!

After weeks of sacrifice and commitment, reaching your weight goal is a heady experience and you'll feel powerful, unstoppable and in charge of your life. That is a well-deserved feeling at this "power point" in your diet, but also a time to take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself why you hid yourself under that layer of fat in the first place!

It was after I had reached week nine on my Medi-weight loss Program that I reached my power point. It was when I felt the safety cocoon, which I had been living in during my overeating, cracked open, and I was ready to emerge as that butterfly I had become.

My work was not done, but I had been diligent and committed for over two months and was still feeling strong. I was making changes and living life in ways that would improve my health, appearance and mental well-being. And it was WORKING! I believe it is at this "power point" stage in a weight-loss program, that every dieter must stop and ask themselves the following hard questions:
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