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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tips for Dining Out on a Diet

Having Willpower in a Restaurant
by Jan Peterson

Dining out can be the downfall to many diets. It is almost impossible to completely avoid going "out" for lunch with friends, or having a birthday dinner with family. Here are some methods to keep you on your diet and not give into temptation. (Read the entire article HERE)

A Review of the Medi-Weight Loss Program

Losing Weight the Healthy Way on the Medi-Weight Loss Plan

by Jan Peterson

Before I retired from my banking career, I watched the women around me shrinking in size as I was struggling to lose weight. I asked what they were doing to lose their weight and got either HGC shots or Medi-Weight Loss as their answers. I decided that once I retired I would try one of these programs and get back on track with my weight and become healthier. (Read the entire article HERE.)
Note: Since I wrote the above article I have lost even more weight. At twelve weeks I have now lost 38 pounds!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Understanding the Glycemic Index 101

Why Controlling Your Insulin Level is Important

by Jan Peterson

The glycemic index (GI) is a system that has become as important a measurement in weight loss programs as calories and fat grams. Many diets today use the glycemic index of foods as the basis of their recommended food intake. (Read the entire article HERE.)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Is Dieting a Brain Drain?

Note: Even though I still believe in the effectiveness of a low carb diet to lose weight, I thought this article to be interesting. The secret, I believe is not to completely eliminate carbs, but to eat the good ones in controlled portions.

By Rachael Moeller Gorman,

Losing weight can have lots of benefits: you look better, feel better and slash your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and a host of other problems. But picking the wrong diet may muddle your memory, say researchers. (Read the entire article HERE.)

Medicare Now Covers Weightloss Surgeries!

by Joy Schantz
I was morbidly obese at age 63, when I read an important article by Rob Stein of the Washington Post in my local newspaper. Medicare had just endorsed certain Bariatric surgeries On February 21, 2006. Since private health plans
follow Medicare's endorsements, I was encouraged to think that, perhaps, my insurance would one day cover such a surgery. (Read the entire article HERE.)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Portion Control - How Much Food is Enough

by Jan Peterson
Americans have gotten out-of-control with their eating habits, and lack of portion control is a key contributor to gaining weight. No doubt, food choice contributes to obesity in this country, but just as bad is the mindset that “more is better” when eating out or serving a family dinner. (Read complete article Here)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Three Keys to Losing Weight

by Jan Peterson
For most of my life I was in control. Sure, I gained five or ten pounds occasionally, but I was able to cut back on calories or step up my aerobics classes and bring the scale back in line. But there came a time that my self-control gear broke down. (Continue reading HERE..)

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Great Weight Debate

So, how accurate are the weight/height charts, BMI formulas and other standard fitness measurements? "The Great Weight Debate", an article written By Sarah Reistad-Longon, on discusses one fit woman's frustration at being considered overweight at 5'7" and 170 pounds.

Read the article HERE.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fun Indoor Exercise Ideas: DDR and Wii

Do you cringe when you think of exercise? Are you a master at making excuses not to work out at the gym? If you answered yes, then these fun indoor exercise ideas are for you! (Continue reading here....)

Why are Americans so Fat?

by Jan Peterson

Federal Health Officials warn us that obesity is our #1 killer. But did you know that our being fat as a society is a side-effect of progress? The Washington Post article, "Why America Has to be Fat" by Michael S. Rosenwald dated January 22, 2006 explains how Americans used to provide for their families through more physical labor. The men did jobs that today are more technologically advanced, and the women spent time doing physical household chores,such as cooking, cleaning, scrubbing floors, or hauling baskets of wet clothes to hang on clotheslines.

What Has Made Obesity an Epidemic in the U.S.?

Rosenwald quotes Tomas J. Philipson, an economics professor who studies obesity at the University of Chicago, as saying, "The obesity problem is really a side effect of things that are good for the economy, but we would rather take improvements in technology and agriculture than go back to the way we lived in the 1950s when everyone was thin."

What Businesses Want us Fat?

He also tells us that obesity has actually fattened the wallets of many corporations and doctors alike. He provides data that the "obesity industry" was estimated to make in excess of $315Billion in 2006. He included in this industry fast food chains, medical treatments, and books about dieting.

He goes on to list a few of the food companies that thrive on bad food choices, stating that in 2004 Kraft Foods made more than $244Million on Oreo cookies!

In addition to the companies who are profiting from the junk food we eat, there is the "fat-cure" industry who depends on us getting fat to make their money. Jenny Craig, Nutri-system, Physicians who perform weight-loss surgeries. We sit smack dab in the middle of two hungry industries, trying to make a profit.

What Can We do? Eat Less and Move More!

We drive everywhere, we sit at computers, our kids don't have physical education classes, and everyone's lives are so busy, a drive into the fast food lane is hard to avoid.

The only way we can stop the spiral is to face the facts, our lives are easier, but this "easy life" is making us sick. We can't turn back the hands of time to when everyone worked on their feet in factories or in the fields, or when everything we ate took at least an hour's preparation in the kitchen. (Can you imagine every evening cooking a Thanksgiving dinner?) So, we have to realize that we need to adjust our eating habits to match our lifestyle.

In order to keep the extra pounds off, we all have to figure out how to get back to basics: eating healthier and burning off the calories we eat. It's really as simple as that. No matter how successful we are in every other aspect of our lives, if we keep taking in more calories than we burn up, we will get fatter and more unhealthy every year.

My Fat Story

by Jan Peterson

For years, I was a single mom raising two beautiful daughters. I had a good career in banking, made good money, dated, went to the gym regularly and went out dancing on the weekends. I'd fall in love from time to time, and even traveled for my job for two years. Whew, it just makes me tired remembering what it took to keep all the balls in the air. But as busy as I was, I was healthy and happy.

Once my daughters were grown and had families the whole life dynamic changed for me, but things still felt good and I kept in shape. Suddenly, it seems, when I hit my fifties and menopause, my metabolism really went haywire. For eight years I found myself steadily gaining weight, devoid of energy and retiring from the fun things I had enjoyed. That was a bad recipe for becoming unhealthy.

Fat and Unhealthy!

A few years back things starting going wrong. I starting finding it hard to even take an easy stroll around the block without one of my legs going numb. When I sneezed I wet my pants. I didn't feel like going dancing, or pumping weights or having a gentleman friend. I succumbed to the lure of comfort foods more than I knew I should. During that year's annual physical, I actually took a list with me so I would remember all the things to mention to my doctor! That same woman who ate healthy, worked out for twenty plus years, danced and loved attention from the men, had become an overweight, achy, old woman!

It was then that I started pulling myself up from the sticky funk I had fallen in. I had bladder sling surgery to fix my little peeing problem. I had surgery on my toe, which had an arthritic joint that had deteriorated, so that I could comfortably walk again. I took an anti-depressant to elevate my mood. I started working only part-time and had retirement in my sites. Things were getting better, but I was still overweight.

Time to Lose Weight!

When I retired in February this year, I started writing online. Songwriting had been my side job for over fourteen years, so that just seemed like a logical adjunct. I no longer felt stressed out and was doing something I loved everyday, so I knew it was time; I had no excuse not to start a weight loss program and return to being the healthy and happy me I once was.

Hello Medi-Weightloss!

Even though I still wasn't convinced that being postmenopausal and losing weight were possible, I made an appointment with Medi-Weightloss Clinic and started their program. The good news is that at this point, 10 weeks later, I have lost a total of 35 pounds! And I intend to keep it off.

I probably waited too long to take the step, but at least I finally did it. I am making permanent changes in my life to stay healthy and stay on track, this blog being one of of them. I attacked the flab and am winning. If my story sounds anything like yours, I hope you have renewed hope and will join me in getting fit and healthy.

This blog will be filled with as much information and resources related to staying healthy and in-shape as I can squeeze in. I want to share what I've learned and I welcome helpful comments from readers. Together, we can be stronger and slimmer!

For more information about the Medi-Weightloss Program you can read my article "A Review of the Medi-Weightloss Program" or visit my Medi-Weightloss Recipes and Tips blog.