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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Five Yummy Diet Food Tricks

Think Outside the Recipe Box to Lose Weight

When you need to drop a few pounds, the first vision that comes into your head is probably boring salads and celery sticks. With just a little research and creativity, however, losing five pounds or even twenty-five pounds won't seem so boring. Here are five tips to try.

1. Use Lettuce Leaves in place of bread or tortillas. Use the outer leaves of a head of lettuce for more than salad! The larger leaves of iceberg, romaine or butter lettuce work great in creating tasty lunch wraps and "boats". Wash, rinse and pat dry and use them in place of a taco shell, tortilla or bread. Fill with:

-Chicken fajita mixture

-Ground turkey taco meat, salsa and low-fat cheese

- Sliced turkey, chopped cucumber, low-fat cheese and season with a salad spritzer.

2. Use cucumbers like crackers or chips. If your diet program is low to moderately low in carbs, such as Atkins, or the 17-day diet, you will miss the crunch of chips and crackers. Peel and slice a cucumber in a small bowl, cover with water and chill. Make your favorite chicken or tuna salad and use the cucumbers like crackers. Mix Ranch dressing into fat-free dressing and use cucumbers like a chip. The more you use them, the more snacky ideas you'll come up with. For a quick tuna salad recipe, click here

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The Dukan Diet

Seems like there are as many diet plans as there are good looking TV doctors, doesn't it?  While its hard to keep with all the methods available to lose weight, some make their way into our lives because of a particular celebrity, talk show or media event.
Image courtesy of John Pannell/wikimedia commons
I first heard of the Dukan Diet during the coverage of the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Apparently, the Duchess decided her already gorgeous tall frame should be a tad bit more svelte before she walked down the aisle to her prince. Her actual weight loss was not shared, but it was apparent that Kate was in tip-top shape for this regal event.

Dr. Oz covered the Dukan Diet on his TV program where we learned the basics about this weight loss plan. There are four phases:
1. The Attack Phase - Mostly protein, virtually no carbs
2. The Cruise Phase - Phase 1 food plus non-starchy vegetables
3. The Consolidation Phase - Adding back carbs, "celebration" meals and one day protein only
4. The Stabilization Phase - Application of 3 Rules to Live by for life.

Look familiar? I didn't really pay much attention to this diet when it received media coverage or even when Dr. Oz covered it.  However, now that I take a look at the basics, it is eerily similar to the Aktins diet, isn't it?  I lost a ton of weight years ago on Atkins and kept it off for years. I've been turning to the 17 Day Diet lately, but me thinks that maybe I'll give this one a go for a month and see how it compares. There are similarities to the 17 Day Diet, and some differences that I like.

Anyone tried it?

You can read more details about the Dukan Diet on The Dr. Oz Show website here.

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tips and Advice for the 17 Day Diet

If you have jumped on the 17 Day Diet train like me, you are establishing some healthy eating habits while that number on the scale is going down. Here are a few fun and helpful tips you can use as you lose those pounds!

How's it Working for Me You Ask?

I am currently on the second cycle of the 17 day diet (day 27 to be exact) and have lost a total of 12 pounds, which I am thrilled about. During these last 27 days, I have developed a good routine, tried some of the recipes in the book, and come up with some ideas that I thought you might find helpful. Here they are:

Tracking Water

At first I thought I might float away trying to drink all the fluids on this diet, but soon I developed a pattern. To ensure that I get my eight glasses of water in each day, I use a water bottle that holds 32 ounces, which means less tracking. I fill it up each morning and carry it around with me wherever I am in the house, when I'm driving, at my daughter's home, etc. Once I've finished it off twice, I automatically know I have gotten my water in for the day.

Make Lemon Zest out of all Those Lemons!

As all 17 Day dieters know, every day starts out with a cup of warm water that contains the juice of half a lemon. This is my least favorite part of the diet, but I do it. During some research, I found that lemon and limes have the same nutritional properties, so I switch between them in the mornings.

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Low Carb Whole Wheat Crepes

If you are dieting, it will be hard to accept that these tasty crepes are "diet" food.  Check out the recipe on the link below.

Reduce Carbs and Fat in This Easy and Healthy Crepe Recipe!

In France, crepes are a national dish and served widely. According to, "crepes are traditionally offered on Candlemas and Shrove Tuesday to celebrate renewal, family life, and hope for good fortune and happiness ahead.
For Ingredients and step-by-step directions follow this link:
"Low Carb Whole Wheat Crepes"

Monday, January 31, 2011

Gina's Skinny Recipes

 I recently ran across a great blog for every dieter! Gina's Skinny Recipes has scads of tasty ideas for recipes that won't derail your diet.  Check it out! Here are two recipes that called out to my taste buds and that I will be trying soon.

Image courtesy of Gina's Skinny Recipes
The Skinny Taco Dip calls for the low-fat versions of sour cream, cream cheese and cheddar cheese and toppings that are typical in most weight loss diets.  I'm thinking I'll serve with low-fat tortilla chips or oven-baked low-carb tortillas.  It would probably even taste good with pork rinds if you are being strict with your carb count.

Another recipe that caught my eye was Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken.  Doesn't it look tasty?

Image courtesy of Gina's Skinny Recipes
Yum!  I think I'll try this one tonight and serve with Basmati Brown Rice! Go check out this blog right now...but be sure to load up your printer with paper, because you'll be printing out recipes right and left! :)

Happy eating without the guilt!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Blueberries: An Antioxidant-Rich Fruit

Image courtesy of rsharts/
 Eating Blackberries Can Help Fight Cancer, Heart Disease and Stroke

Every healthy diet will include a daily dose of vegetables and fruits. A smart fruit choice when in season is Blackberries because of their high antioxidant properties.

What are Blackberries and Where do They Grow?

Blackberries are also known as black raspberries, and they are not a true berry. Their actual botanical classification is an aggregate fruit, whereby the fruit forms from single flowers with multiple individual carpels.

Blackberry plants are perennial and are abundant in Eastern North America, the Pacific coast, Western Europe and the British Isles. The fruit grows on either plants with erect arching canes or on trailing plants. They bloom mid-to-late June and are usually ready to be picked in July or August, depending on the region. If picked too early they will be sour, but when fully ripe they are juicy and sweet.

Understanding Your Cholesterol Levels

Image courtesy of wax115/

Plus Lifestyle Changes that Can Make a Difference

Most annual physicals for adults include a blood test, called a lipid panel, to check cholesterol levels. If the results indicate high cholesterol numbers, lifestyle changes may be required to reduce health risks, and

if those changes don't work a lipid-lowering statin drug may be necessary.

Cholesterol Blood Test Results

If your cholesterol numbers aren't where they should be, your doctor will want to discuss the results of your blood test with you and make recommendations for lifestyle changes. A report of high cholesterol should not be ignored, because maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol in your blood is critical for good health and longevity. Unhealthy cholesterol levels can lead to atherosclerosis, the buildup of plaques in your arteries.
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